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ArccaPolo, Belgian-Brazilian singer and songwriter, releases his new single 'Goodbye'. Following the production of his first EP 'Half', this song combines a hypersonic tempo to a deep dive into retro-futuristic synthpop.


Raised in the colourful atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro, ArccaPolo builds up his own musical universe by compiling 80’s sounds from the airwaves. Strongly influenced by Brazilian rock, ArccaPolo drafts texts and inks early poems while attending the Villa-Lobos music school. His first whispers into songwriting have been uttered.


Showing up at concerts on the very spot of the world’s most famous Carnival, ArccaPolo observes artists whose act he dreams to one day emulate on stage. The fascination for this ability to generate such reaction from a crowd deepens his interest for singing. In the 2000's, ArccaPolo pursues his adventures on new shores, eventually settling in Brussels. All the while during his journey, from one continent to another, pieces of soulful melodies have been unceasingly stacking up in a corner of his mind.


In the glimpse of an eye comes 2022, ArccaPolo's creativity yearns to be set free. Contemplating how much time has elapsed since clumsily recording on his ghetto blaster, ArccaPolo materializes the twists and turns of his adulthood into songs. Still under the guidance of producer Eamonn Tobin after the previous release of his debut-EP “Half”, he persists in roaring a message of perseverance. Even brought to your knees, there is still a way to find inspiration in the face of adversity.

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